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Service Profit Chain Analysis and Optimisation
About i360Research

We determine and analyse the complex linkages between employee engagement and customer engagement within your company. Our cohesive and in-depth approach uncovers barriers and enablers of profit chain optimisation that would otherwise go undetected, enabling you to make 'targeted' positive change that 'directly' impacts your revenue and profitability.

As employee and customer engagement experts, we are uniquely positioned to analyse your entire service profit chain.
Our approach

We undertake targeted research and attribute mapping to uncover and link specific service variables within your organisation in order to determine their correlation and causational relationships and to understand their direct impact on your financial performance.

Using scenario analysis we simulate the impact targeted change would exert on your revenue growth and profitability. We can then work with you to design and implement low risk and budget friendly initiatives aimed at achieving the desired change.
Our methodology

Our service profit chain analysis, enables us to pinpoint areas of your business that require additional focus and effort to optimise your profitability potential.

The profit chain is first broken down into its constituent parts, we then analyse and map each of the the components to identify correlations and causation between variables; before undertaking scenario analysis to determine how changes made in some areas can positively impact performance in others and optimise your profitability.
How we work

We deliver the Discovery Phase free of charge, and we reduce your overall costs by leveraging your existing data where possible.

We work to simple and transparent terms, if we need to invest more effort to complete a task, we take the hit. Our milestone payment schedules enable you to phase payment over the duration of the project.

You retain full budget control and if you are not 100% delighted with our service and deliverables, we refund the final milestone payment.  
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