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Putting hard figures to soft measures, and helping you make the kind of changes that deliver immediate benefit across your entire service profit chain
Customer Engagement
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Employee Engagement
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Our focus is to help you put hard figures to soft measures, to determine what drives immediate and long-term profit within your organisation, and to discover untapped sources of competitive and financial advantage so that you can quickly start making the kind of changes that can deliver immediate benefit across your service profit chain.

As customer and employee engagement experts, we are uniquely placed to objectively analyse and report on the strengths and limitations of your service profit chain. We bring comparative insight and innovative thinking to each and every project we undertake, and we are 100% outcome focused.

Our approach is as follows:
Discovery phase
We meet with you to understand what data you have readily available, and how this can be leveraged. Data could be in the form of employee and customer survey results, focus groups, relational/transactional data, contextual data (describing customer needs, wants, expectations etc.), process maps, employee and customer related policy documentation, branding information, organisational structure maps, financial performance data etc.

The outcome of the discovery phase is a proposal that serves to formalise our research approach, scope, dependencies, timeline, and required investment on your part.

We undertake the discovery phase at no cost to your company.
Research phase
This phase consists of Primary and Desktop Research; our comprehensive approach dictates that we determine and evaluate all customer, employee, and service chain constants and variables.

We take information gathered during the discovery stage and combine it with new research conducted in accordance with the approved research scope; this might be survey, focus group, interview, service mapping or blueprinting activity.
Mapping phase
Once we have accumulated the required research data we begin the mapping process, linking variables that research proves have a correlation and pinpointing which of those have causational relationships.

The outcome of the research phase is a highly detailed and in-depth report illustrating the drivers, influencers, and barriers throughout the entire profit chain, together with the correlation and causational relationships between variables.
Scenario analysis phase
Following submission of the report, we meet with you to discuss achievable changes that could be made within the company. We incorporate these into the research schema to illustrate how the profit chain could be positively impacted, and importantly whether these changes are likely to exert impact (negative or positive) on other variables in the chain.

We simulate the company operating in accordance with these changes over a period of time and report on the full financial impact these changes will have i.e. on projected revenue growth and profitability.
Action planning phase
Our involvement does not have to stop there. We can work with you to create action plans specifically designed to bring about low risk and cost effective change in the areas identified as needing further effort to operate optimally. Some common themes that emerge include the requirement to introduce new policies and initiatives to address the more negative aspects of the employee experience in order to drive engagement and productivity, and to reduce absenteeism and attrition; and the requirement to address the mismatch between company and customer perceived value.

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Providing you with the insight into your entire service profit chain and helping you implement changes that deliver immediate competitive and financial gains.
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