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We are honest and upfront experts delivering outcome focused projects designed to minimise risk and achieve rapid return on investment
Customer Engagement
Looking to drive customer engagement and company profitability by delivering fantastic customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Employee Engagement
Looking to better engage your employees and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences? Let us help you.

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In today’s economy, capital and operational expenditure within organisations is subject to much scrutiny and competition amongst its various functions and departments. As a business leader you are under unprecedented pressure to ensure that any investment you make in external expertise is justified, low risk, cost effective, and capable of delivering a rapid return. Being cognoscente of such challenges has helped us to define our engagement model.

We work on fixed price contracts with clear terms and highly defined duties and responsibilities. There are no surprise invoices; if we have to invest more time to complete the work, we take the hit. We inject project flexibility through carefully monitored change control, we can incorporate new project elements or reprioritise existing ones but you retain full project steer and budgetary control. Our level of involvement is determined by your budgetary, resource, and time constraints, supplementing our team with your people in a 'joint approach' not only reduces cost, it optimises knowledge transfer and fosters self sufficiency. Our milestone payment schedules enable you to phase your investment over the life of the project and since we’re in the business of customer experience, if you’re not 100% delighted with our service and deliverables you retain the final milestone payment, no questions asked. Our contracts include a one month break clause; we know you will love working with us however you wouldn’t recruit an employee without a probation period, so why should external expertise be any different?

We know you will enjoy partnering with us, our engagements are:
  • Simple Honest, clear, and transparent terms; Zero ambiguity on roles and responsibilities; No costly surprises mid project, if we need to do more to achieve the stated deliverable, we cover the cost
  • Flexible No surprise invoices for 'additional work', any out of scope changes are subjected to formal change control empowering you to make well informed decisions on the project’s direction based on your priorities and your budget
  • Budget friendly Milestone payment schedules phase a project's expenditure over its lifetime facilitating effective budgeting and incremental ROI; Consultancy rates are volume discounted, the longer the engagement the more cost effective it becomes; Project investment is reduced and knowledge transfer opttimised by the adoption of a 'joint approach'
  • Low risk One month probation period gives you piece of mind that as a partnership we work; If you are not 100% delighted with us you retain the final scheduled payment; No upfront fees, project investment is phased over time and invoiced on completion of key stages
We think we’ve got it right, but if you disagree and want us to consider an alternative approach just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss further with you.
We provide simple contracts that govern flexible and low risk projects, delivered by people who have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals and deliver a rapid return on investment.
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