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We analyse your entire service profit chain to unlock new and untapped sources of financial and competitive advantage
Customer Engagement
Looking to drive customer engagement and company profitability by delivering fantastic customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Employee Engagement
Looking to better engage your employees and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Engaged employees create engaged customers! Not strictly true. Engaged employees are equally as capable of delivering a subpar customer experience as their disengaged colleagues, they just do so more enthusiastically.

What we are saying here is, do not confuse ‘correlation’ with ‘causation’. There is most definitely a correlation between engaged employees and engaged customers, but there are also other factors at play that unite with employee engagement to ‘cause’ customers to emotionally connect and engage with a company’s brand and in so doing, drive organisational profitability.

i360Research puts hard figures to soft measures; our work is all about determining what drives immediate and long-term profit by analysing the entire service profit chain. We enable companies to understand the complex linkages between employee engagement, customer engagement, and related organisational barriers and enablers so that they can quantify their investments in people (both customers and employees) and make 'targeted' changes that result in new competitive and financial advantage.

As customer engagement and employee engagement experts we are uniquely positioned to analyse your entire service profit chain to deliver invaluable insight and targeted, actionable recommendations that enable you to:
  • Increase top line revenue through customer retention, repeat business, referrals, and increased market share
  • Reduce costs through lower attrition and absenteeism, significantly reduced ‘pay vs. performance’ gap, and reduced expenditure in acquiring and servicing customers
  • Gain competitive advantage through increased productivity, closer alignment to customers’ needs and priorities, and through an enhanced customer experience
  • Make better informed decisions due to a better understanding of employee motivations, what impacts the employee experience, and where effort and investment can be best deployed within the organisation
  • Uncover barriers to organisational success due to a cohesive and in-depth approach that highlights limitations to service that would have otherwise have gone unidentified
Our engagements are designed to be simple, flexible, and cost effective. We can optimise the return on any previous investment by making use of your existing customer and employee engagement data, or we can obtain fresh insight for you via our employee and customer research services.

Just get in touch for a discussion as to which approach works best for your company.
Analysing your entire service profit chain to discover the relationships between core operational variables and uncover new and untapped sources of financial advantage.
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