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Three specialist areas designed to help your company be the very best it can be.
It was fascinating to learn how our customers viewed their ‘experience’ and ‘feelings’ towards Eastwood Park. i360Experience helped us quickly identify "quick wins" and areas in which we needed to improve.

Training Sales Manger, Eastwood Park Ltd
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Customer Engagement
Looking to drive customer engagement and company profitability by delivering fantastic customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Employee Engagement
Looking to better engage your employees and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences? Let us help you.

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Profit Chain Analysis
Looking to put hard figures on soft measures and uncover new and untapped sources of commercial and competitive advantage? Let us help you.

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Connect with us to get all our latest news and receive valuable insights into trends and best practive in the areas of employee and customer engagement, and service profit chain optimisation.
Customer Experience and Engagement Consultancy

iCustomerExperience is all about helping organisations to better understand their customer experiences and working with them to improve their capabilities in this area so as to drive customer engagement and operational profitability.

The approach is simple. We deploy a number of traditional and innovative research methods to help you objectively determine what your customer experience is like – what your customers think about you, how you make them feel, and exactly how their actions are impacting on your company’s bottom and top line revenue. Using comparative insight and benchmarking, we then tell you how your customer experience and customers’ perceptions compare to other organisations. We then work with you to help you improve on both of these benchmarks and be the very best you can be!

Our engagements are simple, flexible, and outcome focused; they are designed to ensure that you start realising benefits from day one. Our experience is broad from working with clients across a wide range of sectors; but also deep from hands on experience of helping companies build fantastic customer experiences.
Employee Experience and Engagement Consultancy

iEmployeeExperience helps organisations drive employee engagement by enhancing the employee experience. Engaged employees deliver amazing customer experiences and drive customer engagement and profitability.

Using a wide range of traditional and innovative research methods we uncover exactly what your employees think and how they feel about their experiences as an employee. We look at how their behaviours are impacting your organisation’s ability to meet its mission and objectives. We uncover their motivations in order to determine how engagement levels can be increased. We then help you implement the changes that will deliver increased engagement amongst your workforce.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience from having worked with both public and private sector organisations; and we are passionate about helping companies build and realise the benefits of an engaged culture. We adopt a phased approach to all of our projects, helping you to stage your investment and recognise returns from day one.
Service Profit Chain Consultancy

i360Research puts hard figures on soft measures. We analyse the entire service profit chain in order to help companies understand the complex linkages between employee engagement, customer engagement, and related organisational barriers and enablers so as to uncover a rich source of untapped financial and competitive opportunities.

As customer engagement and employee engagement experts we are uniquely positioned to analyse your entire service profit chain to deliver invaluable insight and targeted, actionable recommendations that enable you to increase top line revenue, reduce costs, gain competitive advantage, make better informed decisions, and uncover barriers to organisational success.

We leverage your existing research data where possible to keep costs to a minimum, and we embark on a process of research, detailed mapping, and scenario analysis to uncover the drivers, influencers, and barriers throughout your entire profit chain, together with the correlation and causational relationships between key variables.

We then work with you to create action plans specifically designed to bring about low risk and cost effective change in the areas identified as needing further effort in order for your service profit chain to operate optimally and increase your company’s profitability.
Three specialist areas of expertise dedicated to helping your company drive employee engagement and customer engagement as a means of increasing your competitive advantage and profitability.
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