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We are a boutique research and change management consultancy with specialist domain expertise in customer engagement, employee engagement, and service profit chain optimisation. We are big enough to scale but small enough to care.
Our approach is simple! We obtain vital organisational and market insight and deploy it to help you make the kind of low risk business change that drives improvement to your bottom and top line revenue.

An expert, flexible, and outcome focused team delivering low risk and budget friendly projects designed to deliver a rapid return and improve your company's profitability.
Helping you create the kind of experiences that forge emotional connections with your customers and motivate them to engage with your brand.

We provide objective and reliable insight into your customers' perceptions, expectations, decision processes, and actions.

We deploy comparative insight, domain expertise, and broad industry experience to help you enhance the experiences you are providing and to increase customer engagement as a means of delivering sustainable competitive and financial advantage.

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Helping you close your organisation's "pay vs performance gap" and improve your bottom line by increasing employee engagement.

We provide a range of services to measure and report on employee feedback. We analyse all aspects of the employee experience to provide you with the most accurate picture of employee engagement levels and drivers within your organisation.

We work closely with you to devise practical and cost effective initiatives that are guaranteed to increase engagement and deliver tangible improvements to your bottom and top line revenue.

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Helping you uncover rich sources of untapped competitive and financial advantage.

We analyse your entire service profit chain to understand the complex relationships between employee engagement and customer engagement within your organisation; and to determine the barriers to and enablers of organisational success.

This cohesive and in-depth approach uncovers limitations to service that would otherwise not be identifed and enables us to make accurate recommendations as to where effort and investment can be focused to optimise service profitability.

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